Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ideas, Connections, Pinterest, and You

While social media can be daunting we all know it is a helpful tool that if utilized correctly, it can give anyone the information they wish to have. Facebook provides a wonderful connecting tool for families and friends, Instagram is good for sharing quick and on the go photos, Twitter is for those quips you have during the day, and then there’s one of the newer websites on the scene, Pinterest.

Pinterest has a variety of wonderful tools for a parent. WeVillage has its own Pinterest and we use it to share various kid party planning ideas, snack and meals, crafts, and more! The whole of Pinterest goes beyond just child care tips, having other wonderful DIYs, recipes, and Life Hacks, that can be used in and out of the home. For a parent who wishes to use Pinterest for ideas at home it’s easy to get lost among the pins and boards. With an estimated 54.6 million users set for 2016 it can be hard to figure out where to start.

So wouldn’t it be easy to go off a quick guide?

Whether you’re considering using Pinterest or are a dormant hibernating Pinterest user it’s easy to get started and fully immerse yourself into the content.

Of course there’s the search bar and you can search by popular topics. WeVillage uses its Pinterest for many party planning themes and we plan on being more active to share content, especially once we put out more crafts created at WeVillage for not only the kids at the centers but also for those of you at home to enjoy with them. Not only are there crafts for kids on Pinterest but there is also crafts for adults that can be easily found.

Pinterest sees a wide variety of users, from businesses (newspapers, real estate agencies, non-profits, etc.), celebrities, and the average user so it’s possible to find all sorts of topics and users to follow.

With your own Pinterest account you can follow Topics (we follow Topics regarding Early Learning all the way to Baby Gear), Pinners (Pinterest users), or Boards. The Board function of Pinterest is the focal point. Boards are what users create with content they find most useful and relevant to the Board’s topic. Boards can be both private and public, so you can pick and choose what you want to share and what you want to keep for yourself. Planning a surprise party for a friend? Well, you can keep everything you have in private board so they can’t see it.

Using the search feature and the main screen of who you are following you’ll see new content everyday about topics that interest you or the people you follow. The signing up portion of Pinterest is relatively straightforward and once you’re set up you can even connect and share content from Pinterest to other social media websites like Facebook.

Once you see a pin you like, you can repin it onto one of your own Boards for safekeeping. The Boards you create are almost like your own file folder for snippets from around the web without all the copying and pasting pictures and full articles or recipes and just like on Facebook, you can like or comment on a pin.

We hope you can find ways to utilize Pintrest for your own interests. If you’d like a starting point and are interested in topics for parents, you can find WeVillage here and follow us for fun topics and ideas!

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