Thursday, April 21, 2016

Green Thumbs

With summer break fast approaching we find the need to spend time with one another in the warm weather to make the most of it. With the sun shining during the weekends and during the week, what’s a better time to have fun with the whole family?

Sometimes, the problem is finding out how to have bond with children when you can’t truly leave the house for the day, but still want to go outside to do something.
What can combine your home and bonding, only taking a bit out of the day when you have perhaps an important call coming?


While not everyone has the space for large gardens, it’s not necessarily the size of the garden that matters. The fun of gardening is being able to take care of something and watch the result of your hard work pay off, and children loving watching these results.

In particular, having a garden with vegetables and fruits is wonderful. Not only can a child go through the process of having grown a plant but they can then enjoy the literal fruits of their labor. If you’re feeling like you and your child have a knack for cooking, you can show them the process from starting the food from a seed or bulb to how it gets on the dinner table. This will not only allow them to learn the responsibility needed for taking care of a plant (watering it, protecting it from pests, making sure it has support if its a vine plant, etc.) but also the rewarding feeling of being able to cook with it and enjoy it. This is a bonus in terms of bonding time and helping your child learn new skills and perhaps get new interests.

For those interested in trying out planting their own garden and wondering what to start with, you can visit ufseeds for what plants thrive in what seasons. You don’t need to order online in order to purchase seeds, however. Many local stores and even chain stores have seeds in their garden section so they are an easy pickup when doing the grocery shopping.

Perhaps you don’t have the space or the time to work with a full garden, then perhaps growing your own spices and herbs indoors is the route for you! Spices aren’t always able to grow indoors but herbs are generally pretty easy to gather up. Both spices and herbs can be grown in containers, so they are easy to work with. Often there are even instructional kits to work with for indoor herbs and spices as well as many indoor resources. The ease of these arrangements is not having to worry about pests getting to them unless you have some curious pets. The main concern with these plants is being sure to not overwater them or placing them in an area with too much sun that they burn. You can also find these at local stores without having to order online and pay for shipping.

WeVillage also values the importance of having a child being well rounded and gathering skills at a young age. Our NE Portland location will be implementing an outdoor garden in a small outdoor play space. So even if parents are unable to get the time to help their children learn the magic of growing plants or don’t have the resources, WeVillage will help the children interact with their green thumbs. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about the progress of the garden on our NE Portland Facebook page and even try to document some of the work in our newsletters and here, on our blog.

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