Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In the Car: Audiobooks

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Maybe you’ve heard them on YouTube or maybe you’ve heard it on a podcast, but advertisements for audiobooks are quickly becoming the norm. While this does lack the physical act of turning a page, listening to audiobooks while driving is a good way to keep yourself engaged and not engrossed in a radio station.

Having kids in the car and finding a radio station that would be appropriate can be difficult for a parent. Having a car or a tablet with access to videos and movies is useful, but once it ends your child may need help putting on another. With an audiobook, you can control the selection easily and keep your child entertained.

It can feel very tiring to listen to a children’s story, with content that may not grip you, but during car trips taking some time to play an audiobook for an hour would be a fun and quick bonding session for you and your child. Even as your child gets older, maybe they have difficulty doing other activities in the car like watching videos, reading, or playing games. All they may be able to do without feeling sick is to listen to something and that can be music or even an audiobook to tide them over.

While some may say the practice of using audiobooks over printed books is bad for children, just like many other things in life it is better to use something in moderation and to balance out the usage of technology and traditional means. It’s okay to have an allotted amount of time for a child to play a video game, but it’s also okay to make sure they still get to play outside (weather permitting of course) and play with friends. As technology grows more advanced learning how to balance things out is vital and as a parent there are many more tools than there have been before.

There are many resources for finding audiobooks and many for free. iTunes itself features free stories in both podcast and audiobook form. Of course, your local library may also have audiobooks available in disc form, so if you want to just check one out for a weekend trip that is always an option! Other websites such as Storynory also have free children's audiobooks along with other stories!

Do you have any recommendations for children’s audiobooks on the go? Is there a site that you use? We'd love to recommend them to our WeVillage families. Tell us below!

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