Friday, July 22, 2016

WeVillage Urban Summer Camp Recap, Weeks 1-5

 It's been a while, WeFamilies!

We are now several weeks into our Urban Summer Camp here at WeVillage and we decided it would be fun to give you a midsummer recap. It’s been pretty busy for us at each of our centers since the school year ended!

Just in case you don't know what our Urban Summer Camp is all about, I'll give you a quick, bite-size explanation. From the beginning of summer camp to the end all four of our locations are having themes every week for camp. Week themes include crafts, fun snacks, games, and other activities for kids to learn and focus on the theme of the week. The kids who are a little bit bigger get to go out and explore their neighborhoods by visiting local businesses.

So here's what we've been doing...

Our first week was focused on dinosaurs. He's got to have fun making their own fossils, reading about dinosaurs, and other fun crafts!

Orenco Station had kids line up all around the center to see just how many WeKids measured how long a T-Rex was!

Kids at the centers all were able to enjoy making their own fossils. Check out the fossils WeKids at Orenco Station made!

Our second week was Fun in the Sun, focusing on how to enjoy the outdoors in the warm weather. This week a beautiful weather for kids to enjoy making homemade bubbles, outdoor picnics, fun exploring local parks, and playing with sidewalk chalk!

So much fun was had at Orenco Station with bubbles!

WeKids in NE Portland were able to set up a garden this week! We plan on keeping you updated on the garden’s progress. Keep an eye out on this blog and our NE Portland Facebook page and check out our post about gardening with kids!

Next, we had fun learning about animals in our Wild Animals Roar week! Kids were able to enjoy not only hanging out with one another dressing up like animals and reading about them, but two of our centers were lucky enough to be able to go to the Oregon Zoo!

Here are some kids from our NE Portland and Pearl locations handing out with some giraffes...
...but NE Portland had the cutest giraffe we've ever seen!

Or 4th week was focused on creativity. Our Creative Campers week was filled with paint, imagination, and some other messy art activities. Some of our kids even got to explore music through homemade instruments.

Some beautiful music was made with homemade instruments at Happy Valley!

Our campers in NE Portland set up a tent inside so they could use their imagination.

And finally, our last week was all about Getting Back to Nature. During this week we had fun exploring some parks, having a scavenger hunt, and more!

The Pearl had a fun scavenger hunt in the city!
We had more fun with bubbles in Orenco Station.

That’s what we have gotten up to so far during our Urban Summer Camp here at WeVillage! If you would like to learn more about this program, you can visit our Camps page on our website! We also keep all our WeFamilies up to date with our activities via our Instagram, Newsletter (feel free to sign up on our website!), and the Facebook pages of each of our centers: The Pearl, NEPortland, Happy Valley, and Orenco Station.

We’ll be sure to let you know what happens in the next few weeks!

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