Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Trip to iSpark Toys!

Our Little Scientists Week during the WeVillage Urban Summer Camp program was quite busy! While kids in NE Portland were bonding polymers, Happy Valley kids making clouds, and kids in the Pearl learning about the science of making pizza at Sizzle Pie, the kids in Orenco Station visited iSpark Toys!

While we were at iSpark Toys, we did a few experiments and were able to interact with some of the toys available.

iSpark Toys is a toy in Orenco Station (right near WeVillage!) providing the community with a place to shop for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) based toys. iSpark knows that in order to have children learn, they need to be given the tools that encourage them that learning is fun! They have toys in numerous categories, ranging from robotics, books, all the way to games & puzzles, so there's a little something for everyone who stops by.

With a friendly and fun staff always willing to help out, our trip to iSpark Toys was a totally fun experience! Their focus on play based learning fits perfectly with WeVillage’s mission to encourage kids to learn while having fun, and we’re proud to have them as neighbors!

If you’re interested in learning more about iSpark Toys you can visit their website where they have information on the toys they have, blog posts, and information on various events!

You can visit iSpark Toys in person near WeVillage Orenco Station at Orenco Station Loop in Hillsboro, OR, to see the fun for yourself!

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