Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WeVillage Urban Summer Camp Recap, Weeks 6-11

Summer break has ended and school is back in session, but what better time than now to reminisce about the fun memories we made this summer at camp than now?

During our Urban Camp we made sure fun was available for all kids no matter what age! From the beginning of summer break to the end, all four of our locations had themes every week for camp. Themes included crafts, fun snacks, games, and other activities for kids to learn and focus on the theme of the week. The kids who were a little bit older got to go out and explore their neighborhoods by visiting local businesses.

So here's what we did for Weeks 6-11! (If you want to catch up on Weeks 1-5, visit here!)

Week 6 was our Little Scientists Week and WeKids were very busy with experiments! In the Pearl, kids learned the science of making pizza at Sizzle Pie, Orenco Station had fun with STEM toys at iSpark Toys, and both Happy Valley and NE Portland had fun making clouds and blasting off rockets respectively.

The Sizzle Pie crew were such great hosts!
iSpark Toys gave us a great hands-on experience with their learning-based toys

Our focus shifted for next week to our very own home, Oregon! Discover Oregon Week was filled with crafts and enjoying the warm weather.

Orenco Station had a small group visit the Tualitin Hills Nature Park! Here's some more photos of them exploring Oregon's beauty.

Kids in Happy Valley made bridges to learn a bit about the many bridges that Portland has!

Week 8 was filled with intrigue for Mystery Week!

Masked heroes in the Pearl!
Hide 'n' seek on Broadway!

The fun continued during our Let's Build week with with bridges, blocks, and even some snacks for construction!

Gingerbread houses at the Pearl.
 Maybe it's too early to be making gingerbread houses for winter, but that doesn't mean construction can't start early!

In NE Portland, WeVillage staff laid out the blueprints of a bridge and a building so kids could start construction on some new Portland landmarks!

Week 10 was about going beyond Earth and toward the stars with our Space Explorers week!

Happy Valley placed the stars in the sky by creating constellations!
WeKids from the Pearl visited OMSI to get a crash course on space! See more.

Our Urban Camp program concluded this summer with a week focused on going for gold during Summer Olympics week! The competitive spirit and good sportsmanship of each WeKid came out this week!

Happy Valley made their own Olympic Rings out of tissue paper!

NE Portland had a sack race to see who could hop the fastest to the finish line!

As you can see, we had a blast with all of the trips, games, and crafts during our Urban Camp. We're sad to see that the summer has come to and end but the fun doesn't stop at WeVillage! Our Urban Camp is one of many programs that we host, including monthly themed parties, holiday break camps such as Spring Break and Winter Break camps, and extending to our Preschool and Afterschool Care programs.

If you'd like to learn more about our programs, visit our website for more information!

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