Friday, October 21, 2016

Parents Reclaiming Time with Flexible Childcare

Time is always working against us. There’s never enough time in the day to finish tasks or we’re always being told to wait—these two extremes just don’t make life any easier when our days get busier and busier.

Today we see many services trying to beat the clock and make the most for clients out of convenience. Sometimes these things may seem small (ordering your coffee before you even get to the café, for instance), but some have a massive effect on how we can manage our time. Parents are always on the go and need a system that can work for them beyond just coffee orders, which is exactly the same reason our founder, Karen Beninati, felt that time needed to be taken charge of.

Childcare is changing and has to in order to fit with the lifestyles of the modern parent, rather than making parents work with the childcare’s schedule. We see first and foremost that a service that works with us rather than for us under certain constraints hurts our ability to use it to its full potential.

Flexible care is growing to be more and more attractive to parents who are on the go, but who also still want to take advantage of the free time they have to spend with their child. That shouldn’t just stop at normal care. Preschool should be easy—a parent isn’t always sure if their child is ready yet when deadlines to enroll appear. What if more time is needed to think about that commitment, or what if parents are wondering what is the right age to start?

Teacher Meg and our Preschoolers!
Not only does WeVillage have flexible and traditional childcare, we also have flexible Preschool and Afterschool care programs We have our four centers open to a free Preschool trial that can be started at any time during the program, giving the power back into parents’ hands to make the choice of what really works best for them and their time. 

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