Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rainy Day Activities

Source: Sabeel Ahammed

Say you and your family have an outdoor activity planned for the weekend. Your schedules are cleared, you have your day all planned out, and the weather is predicted to be practically perfect.
Then you wake up on the day of and suddenly there’s nothing but dark, grey clouds and the weather report telling you that the chances of rain are 100%.

Now what do you do?

Being based in the Pacific Northwest, WeVillage knows rainy days. As the raindrops hit the windows children spend most of their time inside and they can become restless. While at WeVillage we have plenty of activities for children but we know that parents at home don’t always have the same resources. Sometimes you want to spend the day with your family but the weather doesn’t permit for it, so how do you make up those lost outdoor times?

Sometimes you just have to use your imagination or what you have at your disposal.
We’ve briefly touched on how video games can be beneficial for traditional family game nights so instead of discussing that, we’re going to go into other fun activities that are worth looking into.
Crafts, cooking, fort-building… all these classic forms of fun still interest young children, especially if you encourage them to explore their imagination.

Combining quick, fun snacks for watching a movie or two with your children is enough to take up a few hours of your afternoon. Finger food prep can go by fast but why not put a twist on it? Here are some fun and easy recipes for full meals and snacks to get you started.

Card and board games like Uno, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Trouble, and more are all fun games that can either go by in the blink of an eye or last you a bit longer. The rain is perfect for an impromptu family game afternoon!

What else could beat a good, ol' craft session? Kids love getting creative and being able to express themselves. Not all crafts require a lot of pre-meditation, and you can often just use what you have lying around the house to make something great! If you'd like ideas, on our Pinterest page we have a board full of cool crafts that we love! Be sure to follow us so you can see what else we pin!

Forts. When I was younger, I was a notorious fort-builder. Even though it seems messy, I used to spend a lot of my time moving around couch cushions and blankets to make my own mega-fort (it sounds silly, I know!). There is something so fun about building a fort on your own but with the help of an adult the process of moving furniture around was a lot easier. Be sure to bring a flashlight, too!

All WeVillage facilities are armed and ready for bad weather. We're always making crafts, fun snacks, and playing all sorts of games so days with less than perfect weather are no match for us! Our facilities are even crafted to have indoor play areas, so if we can't go outside kids still can climb and get out energy without worrying about wet play-structures.

What do you do on days with bad weather? We'd love to hear from you!

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